T E A M  S A V A  V I T


Our kennel of 14 Alaskan huskies is based at Sandbakken, a little pearl in the forest of Østmarka / Oslo. 

Since the fall 2018 we have been training our dog team for long distance races.

Femundløpet was our goal this year! 

We have been first qualified at Gausdal Maraton. This allowed us to enter Femundløpet 450 km with a 8-dog team. 

Since our experience in long distance is quite short our ambition was to complete the race... and hopefully to come to the finish line before the Award Ceremony dinner! And so we did:-))

Now we have a new challenge: Finnmarksløpet 2021!

T h e  P a c k 


The pack is composed of 14 Alaskan Huskies.

Height of them will take part of the sled dog races this season,

  • 4 females : Rev (lead), Raipas (lead), Rips (swing dog/lead) & Bjørkis (team dog)
  • 4 males    : Diesel (swing dog/lead), Sjakk (team dog), Rå (wheel dog) & Mattis (wheel dog)

S a n d b a k k e n  S p o r t s s t u e


Østmarka is our home since the autumn 2015. We have established our business there too.

We run Sandbakken Sportsstue, a Café for hikers, mushroom/forest fruit enthusiasts and of course cross country skiers as soon as the snow comes.

Sandbakken Sportsstue is an important actor and support for allowing the team to race this season.  >>>